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3D Printing and CAD - Future Skills

Modfab’s online 3D printing and CAD course is designed to get teachers up to speed with this exciting 21st century technology!

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10 Must Have Apps for the Classroom

You have an iPad and you’ve been told you have to start using it for your classroom, but you have no idea where to start. What to do? What apps will work?

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Advanced Applications of Minecraft in the Classroom

Collaboratively guiding educators towards advanced integration of Minecraft into pedagogy

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Analyse the Impact of Everyday Objects

Teach the story of stuff in Year 7-10 by using a Life Cycle Assessment tool that explores the environmental impact of everyday objects and products.

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Another 10 Must Have Apps for the classroom

Want 'more' iPad apps for your classroom, then this course is for you. We’ll explore 10 fantastic, must have apps that will bring your classroom into the 21st Century.

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Art on Trial-Strategies for Teaching Secondary Art History and Art Criticism

This online course helps participants to teach art history & art criticism for years 7 to 12, employing analogies from the practices of forensic science making it loads of fun.