Flip It Fast and Free

Teaching Standards 1.1.2, 1.5.2, 21.1.2, 2.6.2, 6.3.2

Audience:  This course would suit primary and secondary teachers who are interested in flipping their classroom to maximise student engagement and outcomes. It would also suit teachers who would like to quickly create engaging learning materials such as PowerPoint videos, online flashcards, interactive videos and more.

Flipping your class doesn't mean you need to reinvent the wheel! You can find and adapt resources from the internet to suit your students and subject area or use your existing collection of video materials, PowerPoints and websites. This course will explore and give you skills in a range of web tools that allow you to quickly curate and create class resources and materials.

This course is 6 PD hours. Accreditation

What's included?

10 Surveys
29 Texts
Belinda Jennings
Belinda Jennings

About the instructor

Belinda is an educator and consultant specialising in integrating ICT and the creation and curation of online learning programs for both classroom and distance education. She created her first website hosting curriculum materials for photography students in 1999 using Frontpage (remember that?)

Throughout her teaching career, Belinda has eagerly embraced new tech tools and has been innovative in utilising them to increase student engagement, maximize outcomes and streamline her own teaching practice for efficient and effective curriculum development, feedback and assessment.

Belinda is committed to ongoing informal and formal professional development, both as presenter and participant. She is skilled, and has 15 years experience, in empowering educators to feel confident in exploring new technologies in their classrooms and/or online learning programs. Professional sharing - bouncing ideas, solving problems and envisaging new ways of educating young people – makes her happy.

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