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Course Overview

In this course you will build on your understanding of Photoshop. You can work through at your own pace and complete the TASKS when you are ready.

Check the TUTORIAL SUMMARY for more detail on the TASKS.There are also some small ACTIVITIES as well.

Make sure to add comments on any of the pages if you wish or have a question. Otherwise there is a Q&A page in the Introduction section under Technical requirements.

Course Overview

This online course is compiled from 12 years of running face to face courses in Photoshop. It is an exciting and challenging venture to embark on with you and share this knowledge and passion for Photoshop.

You will all have a different starting point with Photoshop and what you already know. You will all have ideas on what you would like to achieve with students in your classroom.

This workshop is a skill building course from which you can then design how to utulise these photoshop skills in your classroom. I will introduce the Aesthetic Styles in Digital Media located in the Introduction, which outlines the variety of ‘looks’ that have generated in the digital area. The majority of the tutorials in this workshop will be in the Reflective and Design Styles.

Each activity, reference document and tutorial will build an understanding that may not make sense to you until the end of the course or when you start to practise and deliver it to your students. PHOTOSHOP is an INDUSTRY STANDARD PROGRAM that is highly complex. Give yourself time to EXPLORE and PRACTISE.


The use of technology has shaped our current classrooms and given rise to many new challenges in our daily routine and work demands. It is incredible what resources students and teachers have at their fingertips to utilize.

You will find that in this course those same challenges, reading, digesting and shaping how you may use this new understanding of Photoshop will arise. Be patient and resilient.


Photoshop is a program that creates images and the file size of these images can be LARGE. You will need to consider where you will save the COURSE FILES to, on your computer. The downloads can be large so your bandwidth at home and/or school should be considered. This will be challenging with the size of the files. Please communicate with me. If I reduce the files the concept of QUALITY is lost. If you are creating graphics for a webpage in Photoshop, this would be different. We are learning about how to use Photoshop for “Photographic Quality” purposes. You can always SUBSTITUTE images that are available to you at school or on your computer and not use the images provided.

Activities to do

There are a small number of activities including Introducing yourself in the OUBlog,Image File Research, reading of technical aspects of Photoshop and viewing examples. These do not need to be submitted.


The tasks that you submit are all listed on the TUTORIAL SUMMARY (Webpage).

Tasks are :

  1. Skill
  2. Practise (optional)
  3. Creative Extension

The PRACTISE task is designed to embed the skills and gain confidence BUT IS NOT COMPULSORY

 Practise tasks use the IMAGEBANK supplied. This is designed to limit students choices of imagery to teach them to be more sophisticated in their choices

PLEASE complete the SKILL task and then if TIME POOR please go to CREATIVE EXTENSION task


Creative Extension task asks you to source your own images so this extends the learning.

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What's included?

1 Survey
22 Texts
Liz Germani
Liz Germani

About the instructor

Liz is an educator with over 30 years experience. She has trained as an Information Technology VET and Visual Art teacher. As a teacher at Wyndham College for many years, she also spent a year full time as the ARTEXPRESS Digital Studio Trainer running workshops all over NSW and consulting with teachers across Visual Arts, TAS and Primary. She has experience as a HSC marker in Digital Media and has been involved in many projects including ICT Quality Teaching and Gifted and Talented workshops. Liz has been a presenter in the digital media area for 20 years, working with TTA in the last 8 years as well as leading the team to program professional learning opportunities for teachers across Australia.

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This course is 8 PD hours. Accreditation

Audience: All secondary teachers of ICT , Graphics and Visual Art